Saturday, June 7, 2008 # 6

I got a new friend request on myspace yesterday from a local Fijian Indian henna artist. I accepted her request figuring that I might need to hire her when I getting married (hahhhaahah). Well i was looking at her pictures and apparently she does a lot of events where she does henna. Her artwork is very impressive - Check it out ...however, what struck me as odd is that her main picture was a white girl's hand..with henna on it..placed on a white male body. This definitely reminded me of the "Henna and Hip Hop" article by Sunaina Maira. I wonder if this henna artist has ever felt angry that our henna is being used on white people when traditionally it was meant for religious ceremonies such as weddings. But can we really blame her? Henna has become commodified (Skoggard). She is obviously making profit from an ancient artwork used for religious functions which she was lucky to have the talent to do. Maybe i can't really blame her. But I wonder if she still feels angry or if she would do it on people other than Indians if she weren't being paid.

Have a great summer was awesome getting to know y'all!! Prof. Valverde, I'll definitely keep in touch with you for that letter of recommendation ;^) ...and yea, im so excited! Finally taking one of professor Maira's classes next first one ever!! Please put in a few good words for me ..hahahahah

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