Sunday, June 1, 2008

it only gets tougher... blog #4

This weekend, my friends and I went out to the bay to hang out and check out some clubs. I was VERY tempted to buy new outfits for the weekend. So I went shopping in the morning on Friday with the mind-frame that I would buy something if I found anything that I really, really liked. We frequented one of our usual stores, Forever21. While looking around, it made me think about the article "Forever in trouble" for the obvious reasons. It made me wonder which ones were knockoffs since I don't particularly pay attention to designer duds; what's new and what not. And then it made me think about the conditions that these clothes were made under ("Santa's workshop") which made me feel extra guilty for breaking the pact, so luckily I didn't find anything that I really, really liked. After leaving Forever21, I didn't actively try to shop at other stores because I knew that if I didn't try to look then I wouldn't find anything. I ended up recycling some of my old clothes and was able to enjoy my weekend just the same.

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