Monday, June 9, 2008

The Journey of a Culture

During one of our many nights of procrastinating, my friends and I wanted to watch a movie. One of my friends suggested the movie "Journey from the Fall." A movie about the life of a family that was tragically affected by the Vietnam war and was forced to emigrate to America.

After the movie, we all reflected on our emotions and experiences of growing up in America as an Asian-American. Although I am considered a first generation, I was too young to understand the hardships that were required of my parents to make a living in America. We all concluded that our lives were spoon fed to us. This made me resent myself for my ignorance and bliss while i was growing up. I feel as if I have taken my parent's efforts for granted as I enjoyed the life that I was given, and had not worked hard enough to repay the gratitude that they deserve. These combination of thoughts opened my eyes to the hardships of war that Vietnamese families had to endure.

I first learned about the Vietnam War in my high school history class. The details of the war were very vague. I never bothered to put much thought into the actual affects that a war can have on a family, let alone a country. The movie depicted how life was affected through out the whole country.

I was able to understand the article "Ao dai revival" better, after reflecting on this movie. The disappearance of the traditional Ao Dai was significant because the whole country was affected. Everything materialistic was put aside in the time of war due to the human's animal instinct of self preservation. The revival of the Ao Dai was a part of the Vietnamese's recovery post-war. The movie also expressed how a simple dress could bring so much joy to the female protagonist.

In the article "Women, Citizenship and the Politics of Dress in Twentieth-Century Philippines" demonstrates the different values that a dress could bring. The importance of a culture's attire is critical through the value and status a person can maintain.

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