Monday, June 2, 2008

joining the fixed gear army!

Just like Ari, I am now part of the fixed gear bike sensation that is taking the UC Davis campus by storm. Unfortunately, this was more through necessity than by choice. Though I have been faithful to my pledge of staying green, fate has not rewarded my endeavors. The reason for getting this bicycle, aside from ridiculous gas prices, is that my car stopped working yesterday. After a fulfilling meal at Applebee's i was looking forward to driving home and going into a glorious food coma. Instead I spent the following 2 hours changing my spark plugs and checking everything else in my engine bay with no success. Hopefully Mr. Towtruckman will be nice and not tow my car. Realistically, this car is probably totalled as maintaining it has become way too expensive as of late.
Being an optimist, I'm actually looking forward to biking on a regular basis. Based on there are several advantages to biking over driving. The most obvious advantage is that I will save money. I will also be able to get exercise everyday (if i decide to go to class. Third, I will be helping the environment by not polluting. Last, there are situations where biking can actually be faster than driving. I guess I won't have to worry about missing the bus and having to stop 10 times before I get to campus. Now that I think about it, this is just the higher powers forcing me to be green. Why couldn't they have given me a Prius instead?

Note: the bike was given to me by my roommate for free!


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