Sunday, June 1, 2008

i will think of a clever title for this post in time for class

“The more indulgent you are now, the more you will regret it later. Save your money.” (Yahoo!) That little bit of spiritual knowledge is courtesy of the horoscope tab off yahoo dot com. I’m moderately superstitious; not very much into astrology but to have my horoscope unfold the way it did was pretty cool. I will heed the advice of the horoscope and start saving some money. Something great better be coming my way soon or I will get fairly agitated.
There is nothing new for this week in terms of not buying anything. I read professor’s post where she called Kobe and me a bunch of tools! (Valverde) Kobe has feelings too and he needs that multi-million dollar contract from Nike to feed his family and stuff. As for me, it’s hard to defend myself against those allegations.
I’m stressing out at the moment over all this work so this post is not up to par with the other intentionally irrational and ignorant, yet honest rants I’ve produced in the past.

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