Monday, June 9, 2008


My friend just came back from Korea and she brought with her a friend that has never really been to California so i decided to take him to San Francisco to get a taste of one of the best parts of this state. Now of course after sightseeing and window shopping at the block where Abercrombie, Gucci, and all the other high end designer stores reside, i HAD to show him chinatown. I've grown up visiting chinatown every year and its always been my favorite place to go in SF because everything is dirt cheap and the food is bomb! This time however I decided that instead of going to buy things because i'm really broke i decided to just observe the items being sold since I'm blogging anyway. All the items insanely cheap probably because they utilize labor from china. Everything is mass produced and dealt out to many more places than just chinatown. Now that i think about it, it kind of means that all these years that i've asked my mom to buy me stuff from chinatown that some child half the world away was losing their childhood because of my consumption like we read in "Transnational Commodity Flows and the Global Phenomenon of the brand". I don't really know they're suffering because of my actions and i'm glad that i don't just think "oooo Cheap!" anymore. Now I am a little more considerate of my choices in products and that's definitely good because as child growing up and even now my goal eventually is to be humans right activist (and an animal activist as well). I'm also very fond of buying those asian themed purses from chinatown because no one really carries them so brands don't really matter. I just get them for really cheap and they look cute because like in the article It's "Hip to be Asian", asian themed items are starting to really catch on and i love it because i'm proud of my heritage and its great that people think its cool now. BTW i didn't buy it because as before stated i'm broke and a little more conscious of my decisions.

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