Thursday, June 12, 2008

Post summary and I want cool kicks

In response to the few posts that will follow, I was out of town and unable to use the internet due to a family emergency that needed my full attention. In an attempt to stay somewhat scholarly while at home, I did my blogs and saved them through word. I am now back in davis and putting them all up. Sorry about the many posts, but yeah...thanks for reading.

I want cool kicks,

So, this assignment in class makes us think twice about buying things spontaneously. As I do know myself, if I pre-meditate buying something, I won't get it. I have to just go out and do it. Just like Nike...just do it. I know that I can always figure there are better things to spend my money on. Although I do need some things, I can always talk myself out of it, so this assignment has shown that I don't really need to get as much stuff as I normally buy. I don't mind though.

Anyways, I do want to buy new shoes. So, what do I buy right before graduation? I want to say I will never wear Nike's again after taking this class, but I fear I am not going to be faithful to that statement, so I won't bother. I have a nasty collection of many shoes, so I don't really NEED shoes, but I want them. I have over 25 pairs at my house, a decent few pairs at my girlfriends, and at least another 30 pairs at home that I don't really wear. I don't think I am a collector of shoes at all, but according to the Sneaker Freaker article in our reader...I do know about drop dates and limited editions. I'm fairly well informed with sneaker forums and stuff like that. I still don't think I'm a collector, I can't afford it.

I view a collector as someone who cherishes there collection. I know I've complained about this before, but I was looking at shoes and going through online catalogues and thinking that the article "Sneaker Freakers" by Hans D.C. was kind of narrow minded and ridiculous. A collector shouldn't really wear out their shoes, because they collect them for a be collectable. I wear out all my shoes, eventually. All my favorites at least, and I'm still working on many pairs...and maybe I'll fail on some I'll never wear again...but still. According to me, I'm no collector of shoes, I just like them. To Hans, I am the true collector who wears all their kicks at any given time. How can I be labeled a collector by someone else when I think I'm not. Is it a mindset or something? I think people that wear all their shoes doesn't exclude them from being a collector, but taditionally a collector of antiques, like the example Hans uses in his article, doesn't use them. They just display them.

My friend, he's a collector. He has a walk in closet full of shoes he will never wear. Some of those shoes are worth more than my ps3 and a ton of electronics thrown in. If he wore some of those, I think the "collector community" would give him a thorough smack down. He displays them, to me he is the model of a someone who would be labeled a collector.

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