Wednesday, June 11, 2008

last entry

I can't believe that I have survived almost a month of not buying clothes. I can honestly say that I did not think I would survive this long. I admit that I have had a few slips a mascara here a bikini top there but, that is nothing compared to things that I would usually get that would just be "excess" according to Kawamura. I will attempt to make this last for another month because I think it would be challenging for me and plus it would definitely help my wallet. A confession I have is that when I felt I was getting weak and was going to buy something I would go on the Nike website and look at all the shoes and I would think about the fact that they would use slave labor and that their workers would be underpaid. By thinking about how unfair these corporations treated their worker it gave me more self empowerment not to buy things. This idea especially worked for Forever 21 because before our project I would buy things at Forever and would not give a second thought about it but, now that I am more socially aware, I think about the social conditions that these garments were made under and it disgusts me to think I am contributing or have been contributing to these unfair working conditions. I am really glad we did this project because not only did I save money this month but I am more aware about the things that go on around me and I feel less ignorant about the world =D

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